Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I guess he chose to die?

During Date no. 6 with Douche Bag gorgeous male, I ask him, "Do you vote?" Slickly, he responds, "That's too personal a question." I counter flatly: "So you don't."

Meet me, a self-proclaimed politics junkie who loves to debate the issues, hold screaming matches with the homeless man on the corner of Tremont and Summer streets, and who has even ended the occasional friendship, all in the name of politics. In the same token, I do recognize that not everyone is of the same mindset. Most people can survive (and actually prefer) just knowing the bare minimum and anything more than that becomes unnecessary filler. Buuuuut… in my narrow-minded know-it-all manner, I assumed that the excitement and drama of this 2008 election season would be enough to get even the most non-committal person off their duffs. I seriously thought that it was the new "in" thing to know one's choice of Obama or Clinton. Everyone was doing their part, even the fashion world. I can almost swear on a pair of 2007 patent leather ombre Prada pumps that Vogue magazine had featured a piece on the most stylish outfits to wear to the voting booths. So I guess I was shocked to meet a generational peer who could casually shrug off the election to actually say that he didn't see the point. Dude... Seriously?

Of course I rush back to the office to email my sister who responds: He does NOT vote??? Abort! Abort! Abort! Holy shit…

Sigh. You said it sister.

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