Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh McDreamy

Ladies, the man pictured to the left is none other than… wait for it… THE Dr. McDreamy. Yes, him. I cannot tell you how many times this man made me sigh during the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. At least, until Birke took off his shirt in the on-call room to do the nasty with Christina. (Sigh). Or until McSteamy came on the scene. (Yum.)

So imagine my surprise when the preview for the potentially craptastic movie, Made of Honor, came across my television screen. Very classic reaction- fistful of popcorn paused en route to mouth, eyes wide and staring disbelievingly as the former male lead of at least two of my triple X-rated fantasies pranced around and pirouetted in a bubblegum pouffy 1980s-style bridesmaid dress.

Preview over, I wonder how desperate McDreamy had become to be reduced to a movie so seemingly embarrassing that it should have been slated for a straight to VHS release. (Yes, a DVD release is too kind for this disaster). And let’s not talk about the syrupy gouge-my-eyes-out annoyance that was Enchanted. So I dash for my laptop, google Grey’s Anatomy to see if the show had been cancelled. It’s not. So it’s worse than I thought- he had no excuse. So in an open letter …

Dear McDreamy,

Those of us Grey’s Anatomy loyalists spend countless moments defending our love of this show and of you. Your movie choices? Not helping.


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