Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A case for a scienceless world

Remember crazy thunderstorms from your youth, where some superstitious grandmother or aunt told you that this was a result of the gods being angry? Remember how they scared the devil out of you while you hid underneath your bed and counted from one, as in The Poltergeist? And the storm got closer and louder and for a second you believed your paddle wielding catholic school nun that the end was near? Or how about storms being moments to huddle with your siblings on beds piled high with pillows, lost in some book. (Or rather, let’s cue scene from Sound of Music, without the singing). Fast forward to now, how we still get such ferocious and angry thunderstorms, but there is no fear because we know thunderstorms have nothing to do with angry gods, singing nannies or world-ending scenarios. Indulging the geek in me, they are just a result of water vapor and warm air vs. cooler air and charge in the clouds, etc. etc. and most of us simply think it’s just a heavy rainstorm. These storms have become another miniscule event in our lives, inconveniencing at best, and nothing worth writing home about. So… what went wrong?

Magic, people. When we know all life's mysteries, the magic disappears.

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