Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clintonites. They're Clintonites before Democrats. And I hate them.

Yes, I finally said it. And primarily out of sheer frustration against these Clintonites proudly saying that where Obama gets the democratic party nomination, they plan to vote for McCain in November. This is an abomination that baffles me on so many levels, primarily because of the nuanced differences between the policies of Obama and Clinton as opposed to the lack of similarities between Clinton and McCain. Briefly, from Iraq to tax cuts to health care to birth control insurance coverage and the clincher… (cue drum roll) reproductive rights.

This latter drives me bonkers. Switching from Clinton to Women need more education before they can get equal pay McCain makes just no kind of sense to me. McCain has voted against a majority of women's rights issues from reproductive rights, sexual education programs, family planning programs, etc. And he's damned proud of his intolerance.

Further, McCain has made no secret of his intent to have Roe vs. Wade overturned and my dear Clintonites, he can. Roe vs. Wade, despite its current watered down state, confers invaluable reproductive rights upon women, and can be overturned with the near guaranteed retirement of two left-leaning Supreme Court justices: 88 year old Justice Stevens and 75 year old Justice Ginsburg. What? You think McInsane will nominate lefty Justices as their replacements? For the sake of childish resentment, you'd willingly put your rights, the rights of your daughters, women in this country, at jeopardy because your preferred candidate did not win? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Oh and keep putting your autonomy and rights in the hands of Jurassic-aged balding white males with no concept of reality outside of yacht clubs, Fortune 100 directorships, and hunting trips staged somewhere in northern Texas.

Then again I guess rusty hangers and back alleys are more your forte.

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