Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Flavor of Love viewing phase was also meant to be ironic

So hot right now? Hansel! No, seriously:

Do you wish to impress? Just say you’re loving Lupe Fiasco’s stuff. Add Gnarls Barkley and you’re set for life. I’m going to a Kanye West concert and Lupe Fiasco is one of the opening acts. Never mind that I don’t really follow rap (“They talk too fast”) or that I have heard only two of his songs (After hearing Dumb it Down, my thoughts: “Deep”). So I shouldn’t be feeling so impressed with myself then, right? It’s like how I would like to support my friend and buy one of these shirts, but see, I don’t even celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I could pretend I’m being ironic? Example, I’m going to see Lupe perform (can I say Lupe? Is that ok?), but the fact I don’t follow rap is ok because it’s me being ironic, see?

More ways to be unintentionally ironic: Supporting Obama just because he’s a cool guy; being into the green movement to make a buck (that goes to you Wal Mart and also Continental airlines for shelling out a magazine issue with a “green” theme. I mean, seriously?); and this (however sexy):


  1. I hope you were not making fun of me for liking Lupe Fiasco and Gnarles Barkley (more importantly Cee Lo Green). They are my favorites, and I could not tell if sarcasm were being employed. Unfortunately we missed the whole Lupe part of the show.

    By the way, I plan to post a blog about the whole black people seperation thing. Lydia's comments did make me think about whether I cared about that or not. Thanks for giving me something to ponder.

  2. on a seperate comment, i commented on the insanity report after you :). I could not resist.

  3. Anthony, is everything about you? I kid, I kid :) The post was really self-deprecating and directed at people who often follow trends without digging further beneath the surface. Personally, I don't think you fit this bill.


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