Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes, I paid money for this refrigerator magnet

Tsk, tsk, Barbara.

Women who sleep with married men? Not too keen on. It is true that the man made the vows and has more at stake, including eternal hellfire because adultery is a sin and so he goes to hell unless he repents and doesn’t break the other nine commandments or reject Christ as his Lord and Savior. However, the woman has also broken a vow: A vow to the Sisterhood of um, Women (SOW). Finding out you have been cheated on is a painful enough experience to go through. Often it involves losing the trust you had for your man and the painful realization that you are no longer the center of his universe. It can also lead to the dissolution of your relationship. All this is tacit knowledge. Even if you haven’t been cheated on, you should know someone who has been. So I guess that’s why I don’t understand why one would willingly choose to be The Other Woman. Whatever happened to treating others the way you wish to be treated?

I guess I also struggle with this because I like women. After all I am one, so it’s natural to prefer their company. There’s a bond there. So when I hear of a woman doing something that causes so much heartache to another, I take a step back. In a way, it’s similar to how I react to black-on-black crime statistics. Shouldn’t we like each other? Not want to hurt the other?

At the end of the day, I suspect I’m being too idealistic. After all, I often give men the pass because I am convinced it’s something that evolution wasn’t able to stamp out. The “boys will be boys” mentality (is my African upbringing showing?). Perhaps this is the case for women as well, some leftover survival instinct or such from another time. Think about it: Does a lioness, before getting boinked by a lion say “No, no, Mufasa, I must think about Sarabi. She won’t like this”? I didn’t think so either.


  1. coincidence that your acronym SOW is the same word for a female swine? subconcious woman bashing, shame on you.

  2. MMMmm, I noticed that too! Can we have another club name please?

  3. Sisterhood of Fabulous Women? I got nothing.


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