Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day! Oy.

On Father’s Day, Obama gave a speech on the duty of black fathers at the Apostolic Church of God. Primarily, he addressed the negative effects of absentee black fathers on the black community. Side note- of course, “yell as loudly as you can and carry whatever stick you can find” Al Sharpton chimed in to say “There are a lot of those who will say that he should not be airing dirty laundry, those that will say he’s beating up on the victims… This will not be something that will be unanimously applauded, but I think that not discussing it is not going to make it go away.”

Sharpton, Shut up.

Obama is addressing the grim reality of absentee fatherism, which has become an epidemic in the black community so much so that black fathers have become punch lines in almost every medium that calls itself an “equal opportunity offender.” Who can forget the Family Guy episode where Stewie is having a heart-to-heart discussion with Brian regarding his impending fatherhood. He asks “What kind of man would I be if I ran off now?” To which Brian responds “Well, you’d be a Black man?” (I will not lie. I laughed. And laughed. Sigh. Crucify me now.)

Perhaps contributing to this mockery are the more celebrated black celebrities who often proudly embrace this stereotype? I mean, take for instance the Father’s Day coverage of, one of the leading black celebrity websites out there. When you get a chance, count the out-of-wedlock children/ single parent homes and tell me if you don’t think there is some disparity. Or how about counting those absentee fathers who are so because they’re chasing paper, bling, the latest “ride”, those “fine-ass honeys” (cruder term omitted), getting arrested, etc. etc. It really gets to me that a lot of the fathers being featured are the less than “admirable” ones. There are tons of great black fathers out there; better role models. BUT. Why shine the spotlight on Father’s Day on men who unabashedly announce that they can never marry their children’s mother because of their commitment problem. Yet they claim “Father of The Year” status because they provide for their children. Yeeeeeeah. Because buying your child everything under the sun takes care of parenting.

Rant over. Let the backlash begin.

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  1. Sigh. I do hate Douche Bag Sperm donor right about now. Thank you for this blog.

    Is it wrong to put out a classified ad for a father for my child?


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