Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I’m not racist; my best friend is African-American

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that with the July issue of American Vogue, Vogue is now officially not racist!!

Why, whatever could I mean?

Well, my dear readers, in an attempt to combat the ever present issue of the white-washed world of modeling, and to prove that they are not really racist, American Vogue featured three (yes, I said three!) black models- Arlenis Peña (who really is Dominican), Chanel Iman, and Jourdan Dunn- in a spread that consisted of an almost negligible number of pages.

I must applaud Vogue because, with their actions, the problem of minority under-representation has been solved. You know, because minorities consist of only blacks? And three black models? You diversity trailblazer, you!

Let’s be real. We know that the main reason that American Vogue featured a paltry three minority models in their magazine was because Italian Vogue took the unprecedented step of featuring only black models in their upcoming issue (once more, where ARE the other minority groups?). American Vogue had to stand up to make it known that they are far from racist. And look! They have had a black model on their cover this century! (That honor goes to my first major girl crush, Liya Kebede, in 2006). Unfortunately, once the "radicalism" of Italian Vogue ceases to become a novelty, Vogue will return to their white-washed ways. And to speak the financial-tinged truth, until the day that minority covers are viewed as profitable, capitalism will always forbid minority representation within modeling.

And that’s such a shame because you can’t beat the way that fabric colors play off skin that has some color in it.

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