Saturday, June 21, 2008

Little Nigeria

It hit me yesterday that Houston has a Little Nigeria. Or Nigeriatown, whichever sounds better. Its center is basically the Nigerian restaurant Finger Lickin' (yeah, creativity run amok) and extends to a bunch of other strip malls surrounding this place. In Little Nigeria, you have the best Farmer's Market for West African foodstuff, a "cash checks" place that doubles as a phone card selling place. And in addition to Finger Lickin', there's now another new Nigerian restaurant opening in the adjacent strip mall. What? One wasn't enough? The venues for most Nigerian events are in this area. Finally, you occasionally see people casually dressed in traditional garb.

No wonder I always bump into someone I know whenever I'm in the area. But as to the existence of Little Nigeria, here's what convinced me: Yesterday I was dragged to some dead adopted cousin's wake in Little Nigeria, and the church parking lot turned into a nightmarish situation with the most lawless parking not seen since, well, rush hour in Lagos, Nigeria.

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