Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nature: Highly overrated circa the dawn of time

On Monday when I got back from work I saw a snake on our front porch. Well, it was a severed snake (apparently, a delivery guy had earlier put it to death). Ew. Upon further investigation we find that the snake is in fact a rat snake and very prevalent in our lovely state of Texas. As name implies, the snake feeds on rats (which rats???). They can also bite you. However, according to this article, and I quote,

[I]f you were to encounter a Texas Rat Snake in your attic and it bit you, all that is needed medically is to washed the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water - they can hardly break the skin. However, if you had mice or rats in your house, you don't even need to come into direct contact with them for them to make you sick…You decide what's better - rodents or rat snakes!

Um, thanks but I’d take neither. There are moments when I choose to be ignorant because it makes my life easier and here it applies. I don’t care how harmless or practical snakes are: The creatures scare the life out of me.

I’m going to blame this particular snake’s appearance on the swimming pool our new neighbors recently constructed. Apparently, pools attract snakes. So here’s where I’m going with this post: Why do people build swimming pools? It makes little economic sense: There’s the cost of building the pool, the risk of having difficulty selling your house since some people may rather have the backyard space for gardening, and time-wise, the excessive cleaning of pool. Finally, and let’s be real here, the pool will likely be used only on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, when friends and family are over for a cookout. So again, why? It just doesn’t seem right when they introduce snakes to the neighborhood as well. The least they can do is to invite us to use the pool once a month or something. It is our pool too. Major shit-eating grin.

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