Monday, June 30, 2008

Third Grade English Revisited

A heavily rotated LG commercial features two of the most prominent members of the vapid un-celebrities clique, a.k.a Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner. (Poor Paris Hilton, unseated from her throne of irrelevance by a girl whose down there is not so affectionately dubbed “beef curtains.”) Anyway, during the LG commercial, LC sends Brody a text message saying “OMG ur a pig.”

I must say, it’s sad when people who write for a living can’t even get this right. So once more I beg on bended knee. It’s really really not that hard. “Your” is NOT “You’re.”

Since it is apparently that hard to separate the two, let’s try it this way- one word has five letters. The other has four. And to make it even easier? Five is the number that comes after four. (Nuclear biology, indeed.)

And I’ll try to reserve the judgments for now; after all, my cousin failed third grade English too. (And save the commentary- this post is despite the recognition that text messaging requires suspension of even the most basic grammatical rules.)

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