Friday, June 13, 2008

This will not be pretty.

Now that Hillary has backed out of the race, the Media is suddenly preoccupied with the fairness of their Hillary coverage. I do not think the sprinkle of sexism displayed by Media people coughChrisMatthewscough had anything to do with why Hillary lost. She lost because Obama was better (I love how I state this like a fact). The sexist remarks only appeared after Hillary refused to bow out . To old heads, this was most unfeminine of her, since females should be retiring, not stubborn and uh, something about being seen not heard (/sarcasm). Fast forward to December after the election is over, and should Obama lose this race, I'm sure we will have a New York Times front page piece titled "Obama coverage: Too racist?"

Because frankly? It has been frightening the amount of racially-tinged attacks thrown at the Obamas these past few days. We have the
Baby mama fiasco. Absolutely disrespectful, and as has been said time and time again, would never have been used towards Cindy McCain. We have the dap being called a "terrorist fist jab". Again, downright offensive. And just last night on Verdict with Dan Abrams, Pat Buchanan (who used to be the repug I hated to love) called Obama exotic. Fortunately, he was called on this and had to be reminded that Obama is as American as they come.

And this is just the first week. Here's what we are dealing with: We have most West Virginian democrats and likely elsewhere who are unwilling to vote for Obama because they know nothing about him (translation: "He doesn't look like us"). You have 12% of Americans thinking that Obama is a muslim, while being simultaneously enraged by his former pastor's remarks (which means logic isn't really at play here). You have some White Americans who are scared of African Americans, as you would be of any group that has been oppressed for years: Imagine if you have an opportunity to grant a member of such an oppressed group an enormous amount of power, wouldn't you be wary as well? (Obama's first course of action: "We have built labor camps for relocating the whites, effective immediately").

I'll give Obama this: They have been really good at deflecting the attacks. I think that's what the Hillary supporters need to understand: It was never about sexism being ignored more than racism in this country (which is a fact). It's just that the Obama camp knew not to throw a tantrum everytime they had a racist encounter.

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