Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You don't quite get it, do you?

There is a certain group of Sex and the City fans that I call the TBS Fans, you know those people who can’t quite grasp, for some reason or other, what SATC was about. They’re the ones who think that SATC was primarily about fashion, and channel their inner Carrie or Charlote by dressing in ensembles falsely interpreting SATC fashions and inspired by a Forever 21 budget. Granted, the SATC characters had enviable material possessions, but I implore these TBS Fans to go back and watch all episodes (I recommend the third and fourth seasons)- it was rarely about the latest pair of Manolos. (Yes, really.)

So while watching the movie, and based on the rather over the top reactions to the caricature that was the first twenty minutes of the movie, I immediately knew that there would be some “new” annoying (and quite unnecessary) fads cropping up this summer. And here, ladies and gentlemen, I proceed to give you my humble predictions for the next new big things, courtesy of the buying power of the clueless TBS Fans:

-Bagborroworsteal.com (And shoot yourself if you’re just discovering the existence of the website);

-Diane Von Furstenberg being perpetually sold out. (Seriously, minus the product placement for Vivienne Westwood, could there have been any bigger product placement than an ENTIRE scene being shot at the DVF store?).

-Weddings at the New York Public Library (because, you know. It’s old and stuff. Oh. And it has character.).

-Adoptions of Asian babies. Named Carnation, Chrysanthemum (yes, E.J., that’s for you), Oleander, White Rose, and Grass.

-Use of the word “Color” to describe sex. (Don’t forget the incessant giggling to follow)

-Avian headdresses. (No worries, I’m praying too that I’m wrong.)

-Girls’ weekends in Mexico. (Cancun does NOT count.)

-Cosmopolitans... Again. Sigh.

-Coastal flights from Los Angeles to New York... for lunch. (So what if you haven't spoken to her since the fourth grade?)

-Clothing from Bitten (TBS Fan No. 1: “Can you believe I paid $5 for this top?” TBS Fan No.2: “OMG, really? So Carrie!”… Barf.)

-Personal Assistants (Because we’re all oh so busy).

-And finally, hoards of “fashionistas” moving to Chinatowns all over America. Which shall be inevitable, especially as Miranda specifically termed it the latest “up and coming” neighborhood. (No, dummies. She meant New York’s Chinatown. It doesn’t count if it’s in Idaho.)

It’s a world gone mad.


  1. Ok, number 1... Chrysanthemum is cool! Period.

    Number 2... Im already up on the whole "girls weekend away"! THAT is a trend Im ok with!

    And number 3, chinatown in Idaho... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Best blog yet!!

  2. Dear Just Marvy,
    While I too, enjoy the less child friendly version of Sex and the City, I'm not quite sure why all the hostility towards TBS viewers. It's certainly not their fault that they a) weren't old enough to watch the original; b) didn't have cable to watch the original viewing.

    Futhermore, there is nothing wrong with shopping on a budget...
    ...you can't "falsely intrepret" anything...hence the term interpretation...

    I'm not sure why girls feel the need to put other girls down but...mean girls, though cute in the movie, are not cute in real life. If you'd like them to see the big picture... insulting them is not the way.

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  5. Dear Chick magazine,

    You're missing the point of the post. It's very much in line with your blog touting the "virtues" of SATC. While light-heartedly mocking those who fail to see what endeared the series to its fans. I get to stand by my post- SATC is NOT a show ONLY about fashion. And people who choose to get only that about the show, then they don't quite get it.

    P.s. an interpretation can be falsely so.

  6. Here's the thing. the TBS vs. HBO is not because they were not old enough or couldn't afford HBO. It's about the mentality. Truth is, if you are just getting into SATC from TBS, then you're out of touch. Prior to viewing show on TBS, you have sucked in everything that was fed to you from newspapers, word-of-mouth, etc. which is, SATC is a show about sex, lots of sex, and clothes. You've been fed, in other words, condensed information about the show. So whether you like it or not, you're biased before getting into the show. The HBO fans got into SATC because they thought, "Oh look, new show on HBO". Their love of the show is purer. It's like tweens getting into The Matrix and trying to fucking have a conversation with me about how awesome that ish is. I'll tell them to fuck off. Is it a snob thing? A little :)

  7. Ok, you lost me on the Matrix thing... but yes. Thank you for expounding on the difference between TBS SATC fans vs. HBO SATC fans.


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