Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I’m off to take a cold shower now.

I like Olympic trials, specifically track and field. Here you get to see very very handsome men, and during replays you can see in slow motion incredible physiques, eight-pack abs and muscled thighs rippling in motion. Oh and their tight...well see, it doesn't matter anyway because it's the inside that counts, right? Take Tyson Gay for instance. His inside is very pretty. It's not about his magnificent, perfect, proof-that-God-exists outside, because that's superficial. And superficiality is like superficially wrong.

And for solely gratuitous reasons, here's a picture of William Gilbert from The Real World Hollywood, a show my pride will not let me watch, other than occasional snippets caught while channel surfing.

Will is a beautiful, beautiful man. Problem is, however, he knows this. It is written in his every seemingly calculated movement and action. He is taunting me us, saying "Yes, I know I'm hot. I can get anybody, including you." Whatever. I bet he's a slut.

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