Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Re: New Yorker Cover

Instead of writing something that has been written better elsewhere, I'll just provide the links here and here.

But to sum up: It's just satire, people.


  1. I totally agree that there is way too much outrage on this. But to play the devil’s advocate, there are going to be people who do not get the satire. (I am operating under the assumption that satire really was the intent and not an underhanded attempt to undermine Obama.) This article reinforces so many fallacies re Obama. (For instance, the idea that Obama is muslim. Yes, Obama attends church services regularly, but over a quarter of Americans think that Obama was raised muslim. This does not help.)
    You may want me to give credit to Americans that they’ll get this is satire but forgive me if I’m jaded. Case in point- Dubya is finishing his eight year in office in less than 200 days. UNIMPEACHED! I really truly don’t think they’ll get it. The worst part? They’re not going to read the article; they’re just going to look at the pictures. (Ahh, Playboy’s target audience.)

    But I get it. It’s satire?

  2. From the two links I provided:

    "What’s especially striking is the elitism inherent in the outrage: “We’re smart enough to know that this is satire, but most Americans are too dumb to figure it out.”"

    And another one:

    "It clearly is making fun of all of the stupid rumors about Obama, not endorsing them, and most people will see that. The ones who don’t are likely to vote for John McCain anyway."

    I'm frankly glad The New Yorker chose to address this. Talk about treating Obama with kid gloves! It's like there's this big elephant in the room where people keep confusing Obama with Osama, wondering if he's muslim, calling his wife a terrorist and an angry black woman, etc etc. In my opinion, The New Yorker finds an interesting way to address how ridiculous it all is with this cover, so good for them.

    When will the word Obama stop showing up red when I type it in firefox (and MS Word too)? It's kinda annoying. Oh wait, Firefox comes up red too. Wait, just lowercase does. Never mind.

  3. See, I think it's likely that this just could be satire gone wrong? And it's not an issue about being elitist. Obama is a black man that will need independents, undecideds and progressive voters to clinch this election. You may think that those who don't get it will vote for McCain, anyway. True. BUT. How about the millions that we need that have yet to make up their minds? Why give them that final push to send them into the unholy land?
    And I hate to say it, but we NEED to treat Obama with kid gloves. Ignoring the fact that he is a black male running for the presidency, he is running against the republicans (who will stop at NOTHING to win) and this is an election that desperately needs a democrat in the white house. From the economy, to Iraq, to oil, to health care, to women's rights, etc. etc. we can't take ANY chances. Because let's face it- Obama isn't running within the "enlightened" democratic party anymore. He's now facing the WHOLE country.

  4. Ok, fine. Maybe I'm being too idealistic. I just don't feel that Obama should be given the special treatment. Maybe I'm still feeling cranky from the FISA vote...


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