Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adventures in customer service

8a.m this past Friday, after a sleep deprived night where my gay boyfriend and I burned the midnight candle to watch Tivoed episodes of Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance, I stumble into my neighborhood Stabby's, where I'm subjected to a conversation with a barrista who had yet to have his required shot of caffeine.

"What can I get you ma'am?" (Sigh… One sleepless night of debauchery and apparently my appearance qualifies me as a ma'am.)

"Grande Tazo Awake, one tea bag." I say, in reference to my back-up black tea fix, since I had forgotten my preferred tea addiction at home.


(For a cup of tea? This is New York, but sheesh.)

"How much is an entire box?"

"The entire box of 24? $4.95."

"Starbucks is charging me almost $3 for one sachet of tea in a paper cup but the entire box of 24 is only $4.95? Yeah, I'll take the box."

"The box and the brewed cup of tea?"

"Just the box."

My barrista actually says (no artistic license taken), "Ma'am, you should get the cup and not the box, because you do know if you get the box and not the cup, the tea will not be in a cup."

Blink, blink… blink.

"That's okay, I'll survive."

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