Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just don't take communion from them

This Sunday, my priest, back from the Lambeth conference, gave some metaphorical sermon about the church being a ship and how everyone should be on the ship as we sail to heaven (translate: love the gays). This of course triggered an unprecedented seven-lectures-per-hour series of rants from my dad, mostly about the Episcopal Church and how they're shoving homosexuality down his throat. During one of his rants, he brought up a rather interesting point: One way Africa was successfully colonized was through missionaries who introduced a religion that was—according to them—superior to the native religions. This resulted in African converts, which in turn made it easier for the colonizing European nations to take over—umassimilate into the communities. From my dad: "Now fancy if the Africans had known that this great religion encouraged homosexuality. There would be zero converts and I doubt things would be the same as it is now." As I said earlier, interesting, but I hate what-ifs. (Including the big what-if of the day: Would Hills have won if the Edwards adulterous affair had come up earlier? Honestly, who cares? It's pointless speculation.)

So anyway, here are my thoughts on the Episcopal Church, our gay bishop, and our position on homosexuality: The Episcopal/ Anglican Church arose out of the Church of England, which was built on a shaky foundation. Namely, it was formed because some dude wanted to get a f*cking divorce. So rather hypocritical grounds for its members to later claim some moral superiority to a gay bishop. On top of that, if the bible does state explicitly that homosexuality is a sin, how is it we have always turned a blind eye towards all those bible denounced sins, including priests who divorce as freely as if the bible didn't say divorce was a no-no?

I truly don't get it. It's that double standard that bugs.

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