Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain picked a vagina, dumbass.

In what must seem to be an attempt to steal the wind from the Democratic Party’s momentum, McCain announced his pick for the vice-presidency. Yes, dear reader*, Alaska governor Sarah Palin. I mean, are the republicans even attempting to hide the lengths to which they’ll go to retain the presidency? Governor Palin was obviously picked because of her gender. For those who may gasp at the audacity of that statement, please tell me why McCain et al. would choose as his vice president a 44 year-old with two years of gubernatorial experience (before that, a mayor of a teeeeeeny town in Alaska), being investigated for abuse of power claims? It’s because she’s a woman! Can you imagine the conversation leading to her selection?

McCain and his cronies to aide: Hey boy! Did you compile that list yet?
Aide: Not yet sir, but I did manage to narrow it down to…
McCain (interrupting): How complicated is this?! So long as she has a hole, put her on the list!
Rove: Oh and make sure she was born with it. We definitely don’t need that PR disaster right now.

McCain picked Palin to reel in that desperately needed female voting contingent, from independents to the die-hard Hilary fans. And dare I say he may have calculated correctly. I thought that the past 8 years have weeded out those moronic voters who proudly voted for Bushie boy because, you know, they can see themselves swigging a beer with him. Alas, I was wrong. Instead, Hilary’s historic run managed to create a new breed of morons who plan to vote for Governor Palin because she’s a woman. Well! In that case…

To be frank, I want to like Palin. This is despite the reality that she screams hypocrisy in the face of the McCain “No Experience” offense, is pro-oil, is being investigated for abusing her power for a personal vendetta, supports Bush’s economic and military policies, is anti-gay, anti-abortion and on board to have Roe v. Wade overturned. Hell, chick is damn near satanic. But her political history shows her choosing her ethics and morals over political advancement. She’s called bullshit in the face of republican corruption and she actually seems to care about the financial well-being of her constituents, using herself as an example. I love her non-political background, and dagnabit, I love that her selection probably set off apoplexies among the republican old-guard.

Disregarding the transparency of his decision, for the reasons listed herein and elsewhere, I tip my hat to Senator McCain. For come November, we shall have a woman or a minority group member in the white house and THAT is one hell of a step barrier to break down.

(*The “reader” singular is intentional. After the sparse posts of the past few weeks, even I stopped reading the blog.)

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