Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Ye of Blasphemously Little Faith

This has to be the dumbest pro-life retort I have ever heard to the pro women’s rights- I mean, pro-choice movement:

"A college professor posed the following problem to his class for their resolution.

'A young girl has gotten pregnant out of wedlock. She has a fiancée, but he is not the father. She did nothing to plan or provoke what happened; she was simply overpowered. Her fiancée, whom she loves very much, is a very scrupulous man and will probably reject her when he finds out. Her culture is also severely strict in its views about these things, so she will be subjected to very sharp public criticism and, perhaps, even punitive legal proceedings if her condition becomes known. Indeed, it is fair to say that her entire life will be permanently ruined by this pregnancy. Even if her fiancée were to take her, an early child would greatly complicate their new marriage. Both of them are already below the poverty level and will have to move away from their hometown at the height of the pregnancy. What would you recommend for this girl?'

The class unanimously recommended that she have an abortion.

'Congratulations,' stated the professor, 'you have just aborted Jesus.”

To which I say- Well that’s the great thing about him being Jesus. I guess he’ll just come back.

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