Friday, November 7, 2008

Changing the world, one hymen at a time

22 year-old "Natalie Dylan" is auctioning off her virginity because she (and her sister, who just happens to work in a brothel to pay for her education) "wanted to study the dichotomous nature between virginity and prostitution." You know, because there happens to be "so few case studies of it."

(Chuckles) B*tch please.

A significant number of people have unmemorable first time experiences, me included. My experience was so far from the romanticized ideal that if I could have been paid for it, I really think I may have jumped at the chance. So chicky, quit the faux-intellectual mumbo jumbo and admit that $3.8 million for your virginity is a pretty sweet financial deal. Contrary to what you and those others may say, your virginity auction does not make you a feminist, you're definitely not changing the world or writing the next Nobel-prize winning sociological thesis. You're simply trying to get yours. Because if this is not about the money (I just laughed!), then the "prize" should not go to the highest bidder. No?

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