Friday, November 7, 2008

Equally un-American

Obama's history-making win on Tuesday inspired celebrating and “lovemaking” with everyone encountered on the streets, but apparently this was not necessarily the norm for certain parts of the country?

Speaking to a friend back in Houston on Wednesday, he informs me that the day after, a coworker—a hardcore repug—told him "I'm on suicide watch. I'm still in shock." This obviously put a damper on my euphoric mood. Barely four months back in the Northeast and I already forgot what I learned while away: Not everyone is a liberal. Some people are the opposite, with a preference for the old guard and its refusal to come into the 20th century, much less the 21st. Usually they're a tad close-minded. And they love guns. And Sarah Palin.

I was ready to write off the entire state of Texas based on this repug's comment when I realized something: Their party just lost the presidential election by an electoral landslide. Plus, as I recall of the presidential election robberies of 2000 and 2004, didn't I and many others threaten to leave the country? The point here is, when your candidate doesn't win, especially when you believed they would, you are convinced the future is doomed, and you make threats, which goes to show that Republicans are as capable of being un-American as liberals (my logic: Threatening to commit suicide means you're un-Human. Americans are human. You are an American. Ergo you are un-American). See how Obama is already promoting unity?

So my fellow rational thinking Americans, for the next eight years, let's try not to rub it in too hard. Let's be classy, in a way the repugs were not in the past eight years, when they called our bitterness un-American, socialistic, and claimed it as proof we worshiped Satan. In the privacy of our homes, we can laugh and chuckle, and be as smug as we wish. And if we break out into grins in the middle of the street, or burst into laughter as we pinch ourselves to remind us that this is really our reality, cover with a coughing fit and keep walking.

Then I could be wrong and maybe the repug really was a racist bastard who couldn't stomach the thought of a non-white president.

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