Friday, January 9, 2009

The Burris Oracle

Call me pessimistic or what you may, but I strongly believe that the Roland Burris fiasco is a foreshadowing of the incoming democratic congress, which shall be a repeat of the current democratic congress.

With today’s crop of sitting democrats, I have learned to associate congressional democrats as dogs with barks a million times worse than their bite- if they bite at all. In the last couple of years, congressional democrats have done very little other than bluster and threaten, only to cave in the end to republican demands, no matter how outlandish.

However, Obama wins the presidency and everyone proclaims that his win is the dawn of a new era and like millions of Americans, I hope. Then in comes the Blagojevich/Burris debacle and that flicker of hope begins to die. But wait, here are the democrats, including our President-elect, insisting and threatening that Burris will not be seated. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid standing firm on his ground, refusing to waver, and Bobby Rush laughably screaming racism. Hope dawns with the comical yet heartbreaking image of Burris huddling in the rain outside the senate steps. I wonder, did the democrats finally grow a backbone to stand by their proclamations to prevent this undoubtedly tainted nomination of Burris- a nomination hanging heavy with the knowledge that Burris paid-to-play (as I choose to infer from the exposed perjury in his testimony to the Illinois state senate and as common sense demands- Blagojevich is NOT nominating anyone for Obama’s senate seat without some “palm glistening”)? We know- it is unconstitutional to refuse to seat Burris. But stall; you are politicians and you (should) know the system. So find a way to delay till the Blagojevich impeachment is handed down.

Alas, it is the oldest story ever told. From a stance of "never will it happen" (and one "over my dead body" muttered), the hesitations begin, the hems and haws, they begin to back down, they say they're not sure, they say maybe, they say likely, and oh wait! He's being seated

Yes, the oldest story ever told, and quite simply, more of the same. Welcome to another four years of republican domination.

A pessimist.

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