Friday, January 2, 2009

The Insanity Report's Roundup

For an honestly good chuckle, the Insanity Report's Third Annual End of the Year WTF Awards may be the funniest end-of-year roundup I have yet to read.

Besides how on-point the author's political commentary is, I prefer to draw your attention to his pop-culture roundup. Take his commentary on the absolute (and I do mean absolute) overratedness of Angelina Jolie (You know, Ms. Angelina- "I used to hang a vial of my husband's blood around my neck but by adopting some children from countries accessible only by camel and a two-mile swim through alligator-infested waters, I am now canonized"- Jolie): "Her ass is non-existent. Need to put it up on the back of a milk carton ("Have You seen this ass? Call 1-800-LNG-BACK) Last Seen…NEVER" (Brilliant)...

Or how about his "Slut of the Year award"- Bristol Palin? Oh and please don't forget to read his comments on the queen of the "overrateds"- Ms. Beyonce Knowles. My Beyonce-hating self rejoiced that someone besides my sister and me recognized that the whole Sasha Fierce thing would be called s-c-h-i-z-o-p-h-r-e-n-i-a by any self-respecting psychiatrist.

Anyway, go forth, read and be amused. (For some of you it will be the only news you'd have ingested all year.)

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