Friday, February 20, 2009

I am a humorless old hag

Someone, whom I'll call Idiot, sent me and a few mutual friends a link, titled Chris Brown Beats Up Rihanna (Official live footage) Street Fight. Idiot also mentioned in email that he was "dyin' after watching this. Enjoy!"

At times, I hate the people in my life (Yes, I turn 25 today and I'm already turning cranky as I get older). When they're not spelling words incorrectly, they are active members of the ignorant population. So I guess I was a little fed up, and hitting reply-all to thread, I send the following:
"That's not funny."
Ok, so maybe it was wrong to state this like a fact since humor is subjective ("I don't find this funny" maybe?).

Idiot responds to thread a little later:

"Jesus, it's just a joke. Nobody said the situation was funny. Lighten up."
Bit of a contradiction, no? If the situation wasn't funny, why make a joke out of it? But if you DO choose to make a joke out of it, why get so bent out of shape when you don't get a haha response? Shouldn't you quietly accept the FAIL attempt at humor and keep it moving? For instance, let's assume someone makes a joke about rape. I find myself chuckling. I share joke with someone else, other person goes "WTF". Should I then proceed to demonize this person for DARING not to laugh? I'm a very un-PC person, but I can understand why not everyone will find something funny.

Here's what bothers me the most about Idiot's response: He knows, from my personal history, that this incident hit too close to home, since I have people in my life who have been victims of domestic violence. So if he was unwilling to accept any reaction but painful guffawing, why send it to me? Even if he chose to have amnesia about my background, the fact I am a female, isn't that enough?

Of course, we then get the following response from one of the included people in the email, or as I like to call him, Idiot #2:
"Hahaha that was funny 'umbrella' .......the rumor is that she gave him an STD.....dam"
Um, I rest my case?

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