Monday, March 9, 2009

Who needs self esteem anyway?

Inspired by a recent Kath & Kim episode, for a limited time only, we shall be selling tshirts with the following phrase:

I'd have sex with you, but I just got self esteem
Are we hilarious or what? We firmly believe that this shall be a big hit among the pro-abstinence set or whichever group that's rediscovering Jesus.
I mean, it's funny and hip, so you can be cool while simultaneously being lame saving yourself.

Of course, (in an attempt to limit any discrimination-based claims), if you are part of the sexually active population, you can also wear the tee, but in a totally ironic way. And if you don't want to be ironic, we plan to sell the same tee with the following written on the back as well:

I'll holler at you next week when I lose it

LOL right??

So. Here’s how to order: Shirt is $.99, leave name, credit card info, address, etc under comments. Expect six-eight weeks for delivery.*

*We reserve the sole and absolute discretion to reject your order on any and all grounds we may desire.


  1. Sign me up! I'll take 1 small. Mail me the shirt and an invoice for $.99 and I'll put the check in the mail some time this fall.

  2. you should really make that shirt, i think it will be a hit.

  3. I know I should! Except, if you consider all you know about me, then likelihood of me actually getting this done is practically nil.

  4. Erica Jones
    Exp 6/11

    And Ill take the one that has the "Ill holla at you next week if I lose it!" on the back!


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