Sunday, May 24, 2009

Civil Rights- NOT a privilege.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware of the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean, her response to a question regarding gay marriage, the potential “threat” to her Miss California crown, the Donald’s news conference validating her existence because she’s “pretty” (or good-looking or hot or whatever insipid reason he gave) and the assault her existence continues to have on the senses of anyone who successfully completed a middle school education.

But just in case you have been living under a rock, for your viewing pleasure…

As if I needed additional reminders, Ms. Prejean and the surrounding media scrutiny have brought out the ignorant, self-centered and selfish many, and all manners of egotistical narrow-minded dolts.

Today, yet another friend said to me that the gay marriage fight is “relatively trivial”, “not worth it”, and of course, that the gay marriage/homosexuality cause is completely incomparable to the levels of oppression, prejudice, systematic discrimination, etc. that has been suffered by other groups.


Assuming this were the case, does the “relative non-comparison” justify the marginalization of gays and require that we brush aside their fight for equality?

I guarantee that each individual/group believes their oppression is “king” and believes that those of others need to take a backseat to the cause of such individual/group’s demand for vengeance, justice, reparations, what-the-fuck-ever. I recall a conversation with a Jewish friend on the dear Ms. Prejean. One of said friend’s defenses of Ms. Prejean was that everyone is entitled to their opinion (sure…) and we cannot say that such decision is right or wrong. Au contraire, friend, I countered. There is SUCH a thing as a wrong opinion and I asked him- what if I belonged to the bizarre group of Holocaust deniers? What if I claimed that Holocaust victims did not need any special attention and the Holocaust should be dismissed. Would he still tell me that my opinion was not wrong because I am entitled to my opinion and, as such, it can’t be wrong? Dude proceeds to get offended and actually says that it is extremely offensive to compare the Holocaust to the plight of gays in this country.

My point exactly.

Why are we comparing oppressions? What makes you think that a Jewish person can fully convince a Black person that their plight is more important than the plight of say, slavery victims? Jim Crow victims? Or how about vice versa? People hold onto their suffering because it happens to be THEIRS. Your life and experiences are not more important than mine. And my life and experiences are not more important than yours. We CAN say that opinions such as Ms. Prejean’s are wrong and where such opinions serve to oppress another, we SHOULD say that such opinions are wrong. It is not our place to weigh whether any group has suffered enough- oppression is oppression and we should fight against it all, for everyone.

The end.


  1. AMEN!!

    And why arent you in the presidential cabinet again?

  2. On behalf of A:

    that your logic isn't absolutely flawless and far be it from me to
    question anything you say, BUT the fact of the matter is that a
    holocaust denier is wrong because they are consciously rejecting the
    truth of an objectively verified set of facts. It's not an "opinion" to say that the holocaust didn't happen, it's an incorrect statement. Someone who wants to cling to the notion that their religion and family don't approve of gay marriage is entitled to that opinion,
    however stupid I think that may be, and I support their right to have that opinion. Much the same way I support the right of someone to have the opinion that jews suck and they don't want to interact with them. I don't agree with it, but I do like the fact that this is a free country...


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