Sunday, May 24, 2009

I thought it was a Fitness Magazine?!

What the f*ck is Beyonce doing on the cover of Self Magazine?

And save your commentary; I think we've already established that I am a bonafide Beyonce hater.


  1. I most certainly WILL NOT save my commentary!! Perhaps you havent seen Beyonce when she was a teen. She was a nice little round carmel youngin.. who has Blossomed into the beautifully toned yet bootylicious starlet we all love and adore (Except for you Ms. Cinnamon-Hater).

    ANNNNNND... am i taking your definition of "in shape" to mean a thin, shapeless, stick of a figure that is so "in shape" that her collarbones could fly her into the horizon?

    What part of Ms. Knowles isnt in shape? HUH??? HMMMMMMMM????

  2. EVERYTHING... Whether or not chicky is in "shape", I do not like her and even if she were a "thin, shapeless, stick of a figure that is so 'in shape' that her collarbones could fly her into the horizon" (nice descriptive, btw), I would still hate on the fact that she is on the cover of a fitness magazine.

    And putting my haterade aside, Beyonce is not someone I would ever want representing the fitness ideal for the month on any fitness magazine. She publicly declares her preference for eating grease-soaked questionable fare such as KFC (which she does more often than the- let's satisfy a craving indulgence- AND she has the money to afford better) and when she needs to drop weight to the mainstream desired shape you described in your comment, she engages in an obscenely unhealthy fast of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemons, etc. aka the master cleanse. She is on the cover because she's Beyonce. But a fitness role model, she is not.

  3. And p.s., give it up. Cinnamon SUCKS.

    Ms. Cinnamon Hater.


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