Sunday, May 31, 2009

Postsecret: A criticism is a great website that I have been following for some years and which posts every Sunday a collection of postcards sent in by random people containing secrets they have been unable to share with others. Lately, however, there have been a few too many cases of postcards filtering through that have very little to do with actual secrets. Granted, part of the appeal of Postsecret is the creativity of the postcards used to convey the secret, but seriously?

To wit, I give you Exhibit A, the postcards that have absolutely nothing to do with secrets:

This is a thought, not a secret. There is nothing wrong with sharing this with the world to enlighten the two or three people who think Indians work at Kwik-E-mart (for the love of stereotypes, what??), but Postsecret should not be the medium for this.

Another example:

It's called a blog/diary. Use it. Nobody else gives a shit.

Then you have the postcards that read like secrets, but due to the insipid nature of the secret it's very likely this has been previously revealed to someone else.

Sure. That's a reeeally hard one to keep to yourself . Hesus fricking christ.

Still, a good chunk of the postcards that get posted stay true to the original intent of the website. For instance,

or this,

Now I could blame Frank Warren (the founder of Postsecret) since he gets to pick the posted Sunday postcards, but I'd much rather blame those who go out of their way to put together a postcard that seemingly has nothing to do with anything other than to adulterate the original intent of Postsecret. And this makes Frank's job harder, obviously. So if you guys could stop sending Frank stupid postcards that potentially ruin my Sundays, that would be terrific. Thanks!

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  1. Whoa... the one about the unopend letter sucks. That person is screaming for a hug.


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