Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer 2009 Movies roundup, part 1


Hugh Jackman shirtless. Something something mutant Hugh Jackman shirtless mutants something Hugh Jackman growling I growl back something mutant Cyclops. Fin.

Terminator Salvation

I saw this with my brothers, and here were our impressions during the viewing (NOT verbatim, obvs):

Some shot of resistance soldiers, all wearing helmets except the chick whose hair flows as they embark off helicopter.

Me to brother: “Why isn’t she wearing a helmet? Is this some subliminal message of why chicks shouldn’t be in battle, because they’re too vain to wear helmets?”

After Kyle and friend have been captured, he says to the other captives, “This is not the time to be agitated. We must think with our heads and…our hearts.”

Me to brother: “Heh, sounding like a first day captive.” Brother: “Yeah, captives who’ve been there since forever are probably thinking, fucking newbie.”

On way home, younger brother trying to make sense of film (potential spoilers for Terminator virgins)

Wee bro: So basically John Connor wants Kyle saved because eventually Kyle will go back in time to impregnate Sarah Connor who will then beget John Connor? Because if not, then John Connor doesn’t live, and if he doesn’t live, then their future is doomed since John Connor holds key to future?”

Older bro: Correct.

Wee bro: Kinda full of himself isn’t he, this Connor dude?



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