Monday, September 14, 2009

Y'all need to use y'all more often.

I was in South Carolina this weekend. When not producing idiotic politicians (Mark Sanford, Joe Wilson), South Carolina kills people with Southern Hospitality and of course, the "y'alls". I think "y'all" should be used more in modern speak. If these three reasons won't convince you why, nothing else will:
Better than saying "you all". "You all" is clumsy to say. No, it's just painfully uncool. Yes anybody can string words together, but words flowing smoothly often overrides the importance of proper grammar. It is why "Your hot" trumps "you're hot" in our current times, because that apostrophe screams acne-ridden recluse that has never been laid. There's the alternative "you people", but that always offends somebody because "you people" obviously means "you non-white, lowest common denominator mistakes of creation."

Paula Deen. Who doesn't love Paula? "Hey y'all. Today we're gonna cook for y'all a healthy salad made with butter. The trick is to not use croutons, and to replace the dressing with butter. Lots and lots of butter. Y'all. It is sooo good."

I lived in Texas for a year plus and now I can't stop saying it. And I think my non-Texas friends laugh behind my back when I say it, so if we can just make this expression hip, I can be a little less uncool, k?