Sunday, November 8, 2009

This blog post brought to you by the CAPS key

A lot of attention is being focused on Anthony Sowell, the upstanding Cleveland citizen who committed rape and murder for years, stashing the bodies under his house. While I do NOT for any second question the cruelty of his actions, I cannot help but wonder if he does not have a gene (See that predisposes him to raping and murdering people, at least more so than the average Joe? Should we not take this predisposition into account, especially when you consider that his neighbors almost unanimously said that he really was not a bad guy, except for a tendency to smell (this latter tendency really being unforgivable, when viewed objectively, of course)? Another issue I have with Tony's case is that for these women (ahem, all black) that he ALLEGEDLY harmed, should we not ask ourselves: Is it a coincidence that a majority of them were drug users or with jail records? Another question: Why would a woman willingly go to a man's house that she had JUST met? Trust me, I get it- the Sexual Revolution came and ruined EVERYTHING that was great about this country, but women still have the responsibility to behave like ladies. In addition, doing drugs, being black, allowing yourself to have a jail record, etc, these are just a setup for rape/death. For once, I ask that women take some sort of accountability for their rapes and murders by nice Cleveland men such as the T-Man here. Society loves to focus a lot on these men for their crimes, and never once do they question the women's role.

Now, before you jump on my throat, I will have you know that I am a woman, and I have a feminist friend. So I know what I speak of. We are doing women out there a DISSERVICE by not telling them to a) wear long skirts (if they MUST wear a skirt, b) not shower often (and thereby ward off the scent that makes men think of raping them), and c) not do drugs, go to jail, and/or enter strangers' houses. Instead, what we hear of ALL the time is how men are monsters/suck for committing rapes and murders, etc. It is just unfair.

To the readers, I hope you can see where I am coming from. I was mostly inspired by this great post by fellow woman (and a feminist too at that!) where she commented on Rihanna and domestic violence. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to the gym. I plan not to shower afterwards.

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