Thursday, March 4, 2010

It just needed more salt

Who among us has not come across a "blog to book deal" story and thought with extreme annoyance, "I could have and should have done that too"?  Take the instance of the latest book from a blog, "The Art of Eating in", in which an obviously entitled human being decides to chronicle a year of cooking her own meals and not, well, eating out.  Perhaps also one of the most annoying and unbelievably clueless blog-to-book concepts out there considering that most people eat in since it's CALLED BEING POOR!*

I digress.

Nonetheless, we have decided to jump on the blog to book bandwagon!  I, oogie, who is an all-around lame cook (by the kindest of terms), will start blogging about her trials and triumphs in the kitchen!  I give you um, triumph FAIL #1:  the birthday cake I made for myself, a pineapple upside down cake:

Um.  It just didn't make it on the way up.

*said the grad student.


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