Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to make bubble tea

I asked my sister for a bubble tea recipe (yes, she makes it from scratch, the nerd).  This is the recipe she sent me. 

 Heeey, oogie.

It's 2 tablespoons of boba (bubbles, for you Harlem-Americans) boiled  in a cup of water and a  tablespoon of sugar. (This is important b/c boba takes on flavors with which it is cooked and is extremely bland otherwise).
Boba cooks in 1 minute.  Drain out hot water once it's cooked to your preferred consistency (read: softness). 
Boil water for steeping tea (water has boiled when bubbles appear on surface of water. Alternatively, boil water in a whistling kettle just to be sure).

Place a black tea bag* in a cup. Make sure bag label is hanging over side of cup to allow for easy handling. 
Pour water into cup.  (Make sure it is the same cup with the tea bag).
If you prefer a stronger cup of tea, steep tea bag (dipping tea into water or just letting tea bag sit in cup) for 5 minutes.  Otherwise, 3 minutes should suffice. 
At this point, I like to add 1 tablespoon of coffee.
Add sugar to taste.
Add boba.

Call me if this isn't clear.  I think I still have the recipe I gave to Jada.

*Tea bag should not be black.  It is a bag of black tea leaves.

       Love, Piglet

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For those who care, Jada is her 5 year old Goddaughter.  I know I almost burnt down the house boiling water that one time, but this was unnecessary, and mean.  I cried.

And remember, always horizontal

To the obviously psychologically fucked up Vancouver lady who claimed acid was thrown on her by some random stranger (a black female stranger, for those keeping count) until she confessed to doing the deed herself, I just have one thing to say:


Less permanent damage, and more mainstream.  Ok?

*Yes, this post is evil.  We just think, in the spirit of shallowness, that being psychologically messed up doesn't have to come at the price of one's face.  Unless you're not hot.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Life compare-and-contrast: Friday night

Texting back and forth

oogie:  Dude are you online?
piglet:  At a bar, darl.
oogie:  F**k you.  Eating pieces of gum.
piglet:  My friends are models.

Sigh.  Happy Friday!