Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's like the Master Cleanse all over again

After a two-week trip to Japan where she admittedly spent most of the trip gorging on the various delicacies of the country, Piglet returned to the U.S. with a seemingly permanent food hangover that prompted a 5 day tester of the Raw Food Diet.  And as the following email exchange on day 2 shows, well, she didn't quite make it:

Wednesday, September 21.  10:00am
Oogie:  How’s it going?
Piglet:  Wonderful.  I feel hungry, but my insides feel clean, you know?

Wednesday, September 21.  12:37pm
Oogie:  How’s it going?
Piglet:  Quite well.  I’m thinking I should have a bison burger for lunch
Oogie:  …wha?
Piglet:  LOL, kidding! Like, LOL.
Oogie:  Heheh, LO..right

Wednesday, September 21.  4:11pm
Piglet:  Is Mayo raw?

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