Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Most of your friends don’t care that John and Jane Smith got married.

A rant, if I may.

And a Facebook-related one, at that. So I ask, what on earth is the purpose of posting an album of a wedding you attended to your Facebook profile that is private to all Facebook users but your Facebook friends?

I missed the wedding of my friend, Amanda, this past weekend. One of her friends in attendance posted the album to her Facebook profile and had the album’s accessibility limited to her friends. Not even the “Friends of Friends” could view the damned album. Amanda’s friend has, perhaps, THREE friends in common with Amanda. So Amanda’s friend gets to naturally select which three of Amanda’s friends get to see Amanda’s wedding. Like, for serious?

A few things, dear Amanda’s friend (and all of you Facebook users who do this crap), most of your 1,428 friends do not care that Amanda married the guy she met playing beer pong after a wet t-shirt contest during Mardi Gras (or was it the guy she met after cheating on Mardi Gras guy?). But Amanda’s friends do care to see that she got married. I get the need to keep certain things about YOUR life limited to YOUR friends. But this Facebook album about AMANDA’S wedding has, maybe, ten pictures of you (unless you’re a narcissistic and self-centered sh*t, as well) so perhaps you should keep the album public to “Friends of Friends” so that friends of Amanda who actually give a crap about HER life can see HER wedding. (Unless you’ve doctored the album to superimpose your face on her body, then I totally understand).

And for the record, I’m not hating. Just pissy.

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