Monday, October 24, 2011

Like, fail?

Something about Post Secret I don't get... Why bother to send in a secret and anonymous post card to an organization aimed for allowing secret soul purging... when the post card sent is in code?

To quote Oogie, "you suck even more when no one can crack whatever frigging message you wish to send out."

or this:

Like, Seriously, Fail.

Curly Nikki's Natural of The Day

Well, not really, but it's only a matter of time.

The Nerve of Her Boobs

Yes, this is about another chat with Piglet and Oogie. But this is legit- it's about the absolutely totally f*cking unacceptable sighting of Scarlett Johansson making out with my darling Joseph Gordon Levitt... I mean, MY Joseph! To wit:


Anyway, the following g-chat ensues:

Piglet: This is not even debatable (*provides link to atrocity). I will kill her. DONE

Oogie: I’m trying to be very composed and dignified. Obviously I am above fighting or being bitter that a man I hypothetically could have had but not so much in reality, chooses someone who isn’t even that pretty. I’m calm. And zen. No, I’m seeing red. I can barely see. kadjafvcvfd; Excluse m.e

Piglet: The nerve of her boobs.