Thursday, February 28, 2013

Most Ominous Calendar Reminder Ever

From: Google Calendar

Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 5:03 PM
Subject: Reminder: Period @ Fri Mar 1, 2013
To: Piglet in Wellies

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WhenFri Mar 1, 2013
Piglet in Wellies - organizer
Invitation from Google Calendar

Considering that my period, affectionately dubbed the "Red Fury", usually has me believing that my ovaries are trying to "prometheus" their way out of my vagina for a good 8 days, I swear the above reminder arrived in my inbox accompanied by the Psycho theme music.

Then again, as my sister, Oogie, gently reminded me after I sent her the above in an email, the two of us really are such "singletons" because somewhere, a 29 year old smug mother of 5 has a calendar saying things like "pick up Kimmy from soccer practice; take out lamb chops from freezer; sew button on Jon's work shirt..."  Our calendars, however, have the following:  "Period, 27th of the month... buy tequila for apt....brunch...brunch...brunch...Period." Lather, rinse, repeat.

Yup... And darned proud of it.

Are you that daft?

Jezebel posts an article titled, "'Cunt' is not a bad word", in which the author discusses some embarrassingly misinformed b.s. about society's misguided offense at the word, the need to reclaim the word, and some blah blah blah-ness about "[taking] advantage of [the] true awesomeness" of the word, "Cunt."

The author mind-boggingly misses the point that matters- think of the society and the context.  This is not me referring to my vagina as a "cunt" (which it is), but it is about the use of the word:  when I, the individual, am called a cunt by another, it is not for shits and giggles- I am called a cunt because it is a slur and, in our society, it is the most debasing term to call a woman; it is meant to insult my gender.

I hope that helps, dear author.  That word should not be reclaimed; I want it gone.