Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are you that daft?

Jezebel posts an article titled, "'Cunt' is not a bad word", in which the author discusses some embarrassingly misinformed b.s. about society's misguided offense at the word, the need to reclaim the word, and some blah blah blah-ness about "[taking] advantage of [the] true awesomeness" of the word, "Cunt."

The author mind-boggingly misses the point that matters- think of the society and the context.  This is not me referring to my vagina as a "cunt" (which it is), but it is about the use of the word:  when I, the individual, am called a cunt by another, it is not for shits and giggles- I am called a cunt because it is a slur and, in our society, it is the most debasing term to call a woman; it is meant to insult my gender.

I hope that helps, dear author.  That word should not be reclaimed; I want it gone.


  1. Agreed. The word is a slur, and while I don't believe words should be banned, I believe the reclaiming of a word should happen organically. Right now this is not happening with the c-word.

  2. I actually think some words should be banned and perhaps not the "c" word. However, my feelings towards that word is similar to how I feel hearing the "n" word. Each time, I cringe, and I do not care the race of the user, or whether there is an "a" or an "er" at the end (yeah, because aryan race members, the KKK, etc. have yet to figure out that they too can end the word with an "a".) The n word is a slur and I do not care how many times people try to dilute the word or try to point out the 60+ years that have passed since the passage of the civil rights act (yay! Supreme Court challenges!)- certain words are used with a meaning and should just be done with.

  3. Hee, yay supreme court challenges. Yup, totally with you: I almost always wince whenever I hear the n-word, -a or -er pronunciation. I still don't think words should be banned though. Let's call a slur a slur, and leave it at that. And if someone uses a slur, the group is free to shame and castigate that person for using the slur. Honestly, who comes off good after calling somebody a cunt?

  4. Apparently the swarms of people defending The Onion's CEO. World gone mad.

    But I agree. it's a slur; no banning, and let's just leave it at that.


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